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★ Free Challenge: Everyday Magick on the gram!

Everyday there is magick, in the littlest things..
For you to see that, that is my biggest goal with this challenge!

On the 1st of June I start with a challenge on Insta and for a week you will get inspiration about living your Souls mission, what colour magick is, oracle card insights and witchy things..

And necessary!

Because when you see the magick everyday, you will have more fun, you will be more relaxt and you are confident about yourself.

Will you join me? Send me an email: info@estherfoppen.nl and go to wild_wise_women_care on insta and follow me.
I will follow you (if I don't already) when I got your email with your insta account in it.

I'm looking forward to see you in the live sessions on June 1st!

Magickal Pathway

Lovely lady, are you very sensitive for moods, environments and energies?
Exhausted after a day of shopping or spending time with a lot of people?
Do you sometimes feel things you don't know why you feel them?
And are you sure there are more things between heaven and earth?


Then you are a gifted person and don't be afraid: you are definately not alone in this.
It is time you get yourself an intuitive developing course or program!
Now is the right moment that you get accustomed to this.
And more importantly, know how you can keep your energy for yourself and don't feel exhausted!

Book your free reading session by clicking the button below.
I would love to meet you!

Welcome here.. on the English version of my website.
I'm grateful you found me here.
I'm not a native English speaking woman, but I do like to expand my world and I really like communication, language and other cultures..
My coaching is for women, and has a lot to do with spirituality, creativity, nature, magick and (re-)gaining your inner strength and wisdom.
I coach online and offline and welcome every woman who knows it is time to cut the crap and get into action to become the wild woman again, embracing her sacred feminity and live her soul's purpose.
It will be my pleasure to accompany you on your Magickal Pathway and show you your personal way, so you can be your true self. Giving you the confidence of doing it yourself, since it is not my intention for you will stay with me forever.
When you're ready to develop on a higher level, I welcome you to dive deep in your beautiful and powerful self.

Chantal Seijerlin about working with Esther: "very nice experience! a nice journey to yourself"

I have several programs that work in every language, because they are the languages of the body, soul and spirit.
I'd like to welcome you and offer you a free session/ card reading.
When resonates with you on a very deep level into your core,hit the button below and let your Magickal Pathway begin!


★ Anne Laoût over de masterclass Intuïtieve Drawing:

How do you feel about drawing? Yesterday, the coaching course from @madelon_rijkers that I'm following offered an amazing masterclass by @estherfoppen.nl about intuitive drawing and the magic of colour. It reminded me of something that is very important to me and that I wish for everybody to remember:
When drawing, there are no rules, there is no right or wrong, beautiful or ugly. You as a child knew this. But then you were taught false beliefs about having to follow certain rules in order to create something considered beautiful. With all the consequences and frustration that entails.
But to me, the truth and the true beauty is that drawing is your soul talking. Even if it doesn't feel like it or if you can't see how, even when it just feels like a school chore done without feeling, even when you're frustrated because you feel you're not doing it 'right' or making it pretty.
Whatever your hand creates with that pencil can by definition not be anything less than pure expression of your soul. Just think about how cool that is for a second. I think that is so beautiful and magical I wish for everyone to remember that and therefore to rediscover the joy of drawing most of us experienced as kids. I wish for all of us to remember to see it again for what it is: your soul talking, uniquely expressed visually 💖

Soul Love goodiebox

Hello beautiful, you know me, I get lots and lots of ideas..
The blessing (and sometimes the curse) of a creative intuitive person.. 
Last year I invented the Sense of Chakra goodiebox, a spiritual box that helps you boost your chakra and develop your spiritual and creative skills. For the 7 main chakra's I have a box ready with oil, herbs, rituals, creative tips and tricks and lots more!

At the end of last year I got connected to a lady that is organizing Expat fairs in the Netherlands, my country, and she asked for goodies to put in her fair goodiebag. I immiadately got a very good idea about a cleansing your house package and started developing the whole thing. Because of a very idiotic issue in the world the fair never took place and got delayed until November 2022.. What to do with the idea about an English goodiebox..? 

And the Soul Love box was born!
In every box there is a reading especially for you, all the items in the box are there because your Soul needs the love. Colour magick, oils and herbal incenses, creative and spiritual goodies and ofcourse everything will be explained in the little journal with the reading handwritten by me.
Because of the personal touch and especially handmade for you (non refundable)
the price is 35euro exclusive sending taxes. 

(And that is still very cheap! )

So when you would really like to give your Soul a little bit more Love, order the goodiebox by email:

In about 7 working days your Soul Love box will be ready to be shipped.